About Kats Meow


Kat's Meow began trading in Australia in 1997 and was registered in 1998.

Kat's Meow is based in Sydney and serves a diverse array of clients across a broad field of endeavours.

Traditionally, Kat's Meow has delivered print-based solutions in a variety of formats including publications, signage and stationery. More recently, Kat's Meow has delivered solutions for the web including style, layout and colour palettes, and the implementation of content management systems.

At Kat's Meow, we have a strong ethic of delivering both customer satisfaction, and visual communication solutions which exceed customer expectation.

The people

Kat's Meow is owned and operated by Katrina Beltran-Rehberg. A variety of graphic designers, illustrators, software developers and other design professionals are recruited to work on specific projects as the need arises.

Katrina Beltran-Rehberg, B Des (Vis Comm), Hons

Art Director


Katrina holds a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication with Honours which she completed with the University of Technology, Sydney. Following several years' employment as a graphic designer with communications consultancies Golsby-Smith Associates, Montague Design (now MontagueLeong Design) and the General Books Department of Reader's Digest Australia, Katrina now designs exclusively for Kat's Meow.

Chris Rehberg, B Sc (Comp Sci), Hons, Dip Inf Tech (Prof Prac)

Technology Manager


Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science with Honours and a Diploma in Information Technology, both completed with the University of Technology, Sydney. Chris contributes to the operation of Kat's Meow on a part time basis and is engaged in external full-time employment developing various software applications including intranet/website content management systems and enterprise business applications.

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