Educational Posters

Kat's Meow has collaborated closely with educators in the state school system to produce two series of posters promoting literacy and reading skills (see thumbnails below).

These are available in sizes ranging from A3 down to postcard and are purchased directly from Kat's Meow.

Custom-designed posters


Do you have ideas for other educational posters?

We are happy to design them at a discounted rate (contact Kat's Meow to find out more).

  • English (spelling, phonics, reading, comprehension, punctuation, grammar, etc)
  • Mathematics (numeracy, geometry, measurement, currency, algebra, graphs, etc)
  • Science and Technology
  • Human society and its environment (HSIE)
  • Creative arts
  • Personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE)

Kat's Meow designs and ships world-wide.

Information Literacy Resources posters


Designed to assist in the explicit teaching of the six main steps of the
Information Process in high schools (stages 4, 5 and 6), these posters are useful to both teachers and teacher-librarians. They use the main questions outlined in the NSW Department of Education's Information Skills in the School to direct and remind students of the steps they should consider when undertaking research assignments.

Download the educational poster order form (PDF - 242kb)

Reading Skills posters


Designed for students in stages 3 and 4, these posters are ideal tools for the explicit teaching of reading skills, focusing on pre-reading skills (RS 1), word attack skills (RS 2), and the three levels of comprehension: Here, Hidden, Head (RS 3 - RS 6). They are especially useful for establishing a common approach to teaching these skills across the school.

Download the educational poster order form (PDF - 242kb)

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