Web Development And Design

Kat's Meow has delivered a number of web-based design solutions for small business clients. Each has had specific constraints within which their web project has had to operate.

Although Kat's Meow's expertise extends beyond the one system, Kat's Meow is an Australian developer capable of customising and installing the phpwebsite content management system.

Following are three examples of websites Kat's Meow has helped to produce together with descriptions of our contribution to each project.

Web host management - Kelly Vella Photography


Our client Kelly Vella Photography independently purchased a website system utilising Flash templates from a third party. Kat's Meow provided search engine optimisation (SEO) advice; updated the HTML framework supporting the Flash content; and managed all webhost file transfers.

Kelly Vella Photography continues to contact Kat's Meow for ongoing technical support when enhancements are required for the site.


  • Third-party Flash templates
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Webhost management

Static website conversion - JustPhotos@Mortdale


Our client JustPhotos@Mortdale had an existing website built using static HTML which had different fonts, colours and styles on each page. JustPhotos was dependent on the availability of colleagues each time an update was required for the information on the website.

Kat's Meow rebuilt the website using an open-source content management system. This allows JustPhotos' staff members to update the content any time they please by logging in to the website itself. Although JustPhotos' owner was not confident to have to do anything "too technical" he learned the system within an hour and has actively maintained the site since.

Kat's Meow preseved much of the old website's existing colour scheme but using the content management system has meant every page presents a consistent look and feel. Additional visual highlights were also added during development.

JustPhotos has returned to Kat's Meow and together we will soon launch an online ordering system for digital camera stock.


  • Static website conversion
  • Content management system
  • Custom module development

Static Flash website conversion - RidgeView


Our client RidgeView Cottages and Wines had an existing website which had been developed using Flash. Search engines could not access the text embedded within the Flash objects and RidgeView depended on hiring external help each time an update was required for the site.

Kat's Meow rebuilt the website using an open-source content management system which allows RidgeView to update content at any time by logging in through website itself.

Portions of the original Flash website were retained for visual effect.

Image gallery functionality was delivered using javascript, allowing Ridgeview to upload new images and text descriptions at any time. Image galleries may be embedded on any page.

RidgeView has been a long-term client of Kat's Meow and soon after the conversion RidgeView ordered a custom-built module allowing wine stock to be easily maintained and displayed in a consistent manner.

Kat's Meow continues to provide occassional technical support services by producing PDF order forms from RidgeView's Word document originals.


  • Flash website conversion
  • Content management system
  • Custom module development
  • Javascript image galleries

Other client projects

Kat's Meow has also produced websites to meet differing business requirements for:

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